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Direct2D API Overview

First, we optimized our implementation of tessellation when rendering simple geometries like rectangles, lines, rounded rectangles, and ellipses. While natural layout is the default, some applications need to render text with the same spacing and appearance as GDI.

Introducing the DirectWrite Font System

A physical font can be represented as an OpenType file on your hard disk or as a virtual file embedded in a document. However, developers using low-level APIs tend to value control and predictability more than convenience.

The layout system used by the text layout API layer is built upon the font and script processing system. DirectWrite also provides a low-level glyph rendering API for developers who want to perform their own layout directwrite api Unicode-to-glyph processing.

This release also introduced a brand-new API extension to support digital ink, which is highly leveraged by the brand-new Microsoft Edge browser as well as the new ink canvas XAML control.

The resulting performance is generally better than entirely CPU-based approaches and requires no ancillary storage for multisample or stencil state ; Direct2D renders directly into an aliased framebuffer with properly antialiased results. X and Y positioning for superscript and subscript elements.

Thus, a logical font is not really the font itself, but a set of abstract properties that describe the font you want. GDI -compatible layout and rendering. Figure 1 provides a complete listing, showing how this all comes together to enumerate the installed fonts.

It enables text to be measured in ideal resolution space and rendered at its natural position at the LCD color stripe, with subpixel granularity. IdentityMatrix ; we ensure that no transformation — such as rotation, skewing or scaling — takes place, and Clear draws our beautiful white background.

ClearType antialiasing simulations a higher resolution by individually manipulating the red, green, and blue color values of each pixel. Grayscale antialiasing computes only one coverage or alpha value for each pixel.

It is useful for a text layout application such as Microsoft Word that needs to query the details for a specific font.

API Reference

The following illustration shows y-direction anti-aliasing. To meet these requirements, DirectWrite also supports the following rendering options: Boolean operationspath widening, outlining, etc. GetAddressOf ; The GetSystemFontCollection method has an optional second parameter that tells it whether to check for updates or changes to the set of installed fonts.

DoOnSize you saw this test if renderTarget which uses this operator: Support for the layout and rendering of text in all supported languages.

Direct2D [6] [7] supports high-quality rendering with the following key features: This function returns a Directwrite api interface pointing to the factory object: Support for the advanced typography features of OpenType fonts. Any of the above rendering modes can be combined with either of the two antialiasing modes: Since hardware tessellation is available in base Direct3D11 not necessarily DirectWrite, a DirectX API, provides these features and more: A device-independent text layout system that improves text readability in documents and in UI.

High-quality, sub-pixel, ClearType text rendering that can use GDI, Direct2D, or application-specific rendering technology. Direct2D was designed to work with the text operations of the new text API, DirectWrite.

To make using the DirectWrite API simpler, render targets provide three methods for rendering DirectWrite text resources: DrawText, DrawTextLayout, and DrawGlyphRun. I'm toying with a little 2D game engine in C# and decided to use Direct2D and DirectWrite for rendering. I know there's the Windows API Code Pack and SlimDX, but I'd really like to dig in and write.

The API supports measuring, drawing, and hit-testing of multi-format text. DirectWrite handles text in all supported languages for global and localized applications, building on the key language infrastructure found in Windows 7. Introduction to DirectWrite.

Microsoft has added two interesting new API's to Windows 7: Direct2D and dfaduke.com2D replaces GDI and GDI+. It can render more accurate results and has support for hardware acceleration on your graphics hardware. Apr 19,  · Fixes an issue in which you may experience slow performance in applications that use the DirectWrite API (for example, Internet Explorer 9).

API Reference

This issue occurs on a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server R2.

Directwrite api
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